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Sword Of The Vagrant Receives Debut Trailer For PS4, PS5 Versions

The debut trailer for the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One versions of Sword of the Vagrant has been released by Rainy Frog and O.T.K Games.

In case you missed it, the original version of Sword of the Vagrant, known simply as The Vagrant, was released for PC via Steam in July 2018, and will be heading to home consoles in June 2022.

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Here’s some more info from the press blurb:

Journey into a gorgeous hand-painted fantasy world known as Mythrilia and discover the truth about your bloodline and its darkest secret. Play as Vivian the Vagrant, a traveling sellsword, who follows her lost father’s research in an effort to reunite with her family.

Hack and slash a path from a quiet coastal village through mysterious forests, haunted castles, and wrecked battlegrounds. When the endless barrage of enemies have been vanquished, what solace will be left for our hero?

Sword of the Vagrant will be released in June 2022 for PS5, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.