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Arma Reforger Looks Set To Come To PS4, PS5 According To Leaked Marketing Guide

The Arma franchise looks set to make the jump to PS4 & PS5, according to a leaked marking and communications guide for Arma Reforger, a new entry in the franchise that looks set to act as a precursor to Arma 4.

The document was leaked by Reddit user PlzDontBlame and details how the new title aims to introduce the franchise to console audiences, which presumably includes PlayStation formats. You can read a description of the guide below:

The purpose of Arma Reforger is to introduce Arma to a new (console-oriented) audience, establish new operational processes, pipelines, and communications with our players, test new technology and design decisions to form the foundation for Arma.

The game provides tactical depth and yet remains accessible to a broad audience, including console users. It also supports user modification for custom scenarios.

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While nothing has been announced yet, Arma Reforger is supposedly going to take place in 1989, with the player starting off their career in the military by joining either the U.S. military or Soviet military. Apparently, it’s going to take the form of a tactical sandbox shooter, but we’ll bring you more info as we get it.

[Source – PSLS]