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Guide: Fortnite Cow Catchers – How To Find Them & Destroy Road Barriers In Fortnite

Fortnite Cow Catchers, Cow Catchers Fortnite, Fortnite, Cow CatchersEpic Games‘ battle royale title has introduced a new Resistance challenge in Season 3 Chapter 3: destroying road barriers using cow catchers or battle buses. As such, a lot of folk are asking about how to get their hands on Fortnite Cow Catchers to complete the task. Read on!

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Fortnite Cow Catchers Guide – Where To Find & How To Use

  1. Fortnite Cow Catchers Locations
  2. Fortnite Cow Catchers – Destroying Road Barriers

Fortnite Cow Catchers Locations

Cow Catchers are available in Fortnite as floor loop across the map, and can also be obtained from opening red toolboxes, albeit randomly. Once you’ve got one, you need to attach it to a vehicle of your choice by simply using the Cow Catcher on it. This will automatically equip the device, and you’re good to go and complete the challenge!

Fortnite Cow Catchers – Destroying Road Barriers

Now that you’ve got the equipment, you’ll just have to go about wrecking the road barriers with the Cow Catcher. These are found across the Fortnite map, and are typically found near roads as you’d expect. Locations worth visiting for these include The Daily Bugle, Tilted Towers, Command Centre and Coney Crosslands.